"The Duke" Slim Fit Selvedge Denim Jean "In Stock"

"The Duke" Slim Fit Selvedge Denim Jean "In Stock"



Fabric: 15 Ounce USA Woven, Cone Mills, Red Line Selvedge.

Fit: 0711 Slim Fit.

Fit Description: The 0711 slim fit is made for those of us that have slimmer thighs, hips and backsides. Most of us know if we can wear a slim fit or not. The Duke is the only slim fit jean that we produce. The Regular 808 fit in the Storm Trooper, Cowboy, Rough Ryder, and Tradesman styles are specifically engineered and designed for maximum flexibility, Even those of us that would wear a slim fit, will appreciate the extra room throughout the torso and upper thighs when wearing the 808 in any of the styles. Both the 0711 and 808 have the same leg opening. Essentially, they're the same fit except the 808 has more room up-top and in the thighs.   

Specifications: Double Lined Zace Signature Back Pockets. Integrated / Discreet Right Side Leg Pocket With Half Crescent Opening. USA Made RAW Copper Buttons. Front Pockets With Denim Pocketing And Full Size “Coin Pocket” With Selvedge Edge On Both Sides.

Length 36” to allow optimal cuffing 

Sizes: 28" - 42" ( Actual Sizing )

PLEASE NOTE: In Order To Determine Actual Sizing, It Is Necessary To Measure A Pair of Pants That Fit As Shown In The Picture. Please Measure the Outside to Outside Edge Of The Waistband As It Lays Flat. It Is Important That The Front Of The Waistband Is Even With The Back Of The Waistband, And Pulled Semi Snug So That The Waistband Is As Flat As Possible. This Will Determine The Half Circumference. For Example, 17” Equals a 34” Waistband. This Will Be The Size That Corresponds With Zace Actual Sizing.  

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