"The Harvester" Standard Fit Ladies Selvedge Denim Overalls "Made To Order"

"The Harvester" Standard Fit Ladies Selvedge Denim Overalls "Made To Order"


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Fabric: 15 Ounce USA Woven, Cone Mills, Red Line Selvedge.

Fit: The Standard

Fit Description:  Our Overalls are specifically engineered and designed for maximum function, you'll appreciate this fit. It has a nice slim, yet flexible leg and perfect boot cut. We've been told they're the best fitting overalls ever made!  

Specifications: Double Lined Zace Signature Back Pockets. Front Pockets With Denim Lining. Integrated / Discreet Right Side Leg Pocket With Half Crescent Opening. USA Made RAW Copper Buttons And Snaps. Recessed Hip "Coin Pocket". Dual Bib Pocket With Separate Top and Side Access. Side Pocket Secured With Snap. Pencil Sleeve On Side.  Big Enough To Carry A Large Phone And A Compact Personal Protective Accessory.

Length 38” to allow optimal cuffing 

Sizes: 32" - 46" ( Actual Sizing, Same As Jean )

PLEASE NOTE: In Order To Determine Actual Sizing, It Is Necessary To Measure A Pair of Pants That Fit As Shown In The Picture. Please Measure the Outside to Outside Edge Of The Waistband As It Lays Flat. It Is Important That The Front Of The Waistband Is Even With The Back Of The Waistband, And Pulled Semi Snug So That The Waistband Is As Flat As Possible. This Will Determine The Half Circumference. For Example, 18” Equals a 36” Waistband. This Will Be The Size That Corresponds With Zace Actual Sizing.  

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