-Why does the Made to Order product I would like to buy, show that there is stock in this item?

In order to process your Made to Order - Order, we must indicate that there is stock in this item. It is the only way to accept your order. 

-Why Are Zace Denim Jean And Overall Sizes So Much Larger Than The Ones I Currently Own?

 Zace Denim believes in honesty and integrity and using actual sizes that a tape measure reflects. The fashion / clothing industry has deceived their consumers over time by using vanity sizing, and we use actual sizing.

Rest assured, you still have the same body size as you did before. 

-How Does A Customer Determine Their Size?

This is a very simple process. Choose a pair of jeans or pants that fit you currently and lay them flat. Pull the front of the waistband up so that it is  even with the back of the waistband. Pull it semi snug so that it doesn't sag and measure the outside left to the outside right top edges. Measure twice in order to ensure that you measured correctly. This will give you the half circumference of the waistband. Multiply it by 2 and this is your size. For example, 17” equals a 34” jean.

-Do We Ship Internationally?

Yes, we have no problem shipping abroad. All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service and include tracking until they reach customs. Additional shipping costs will apply. 

-Do We Offer Discounts?

No, the pricing structure on all products have been lowered as much as possible and include Domestic shipping. 

-Do We Accept Returns / Exchanges?

Yes, if you receive your order and the sizing isn’t accurate per your expectations, just email us and we will send you a bigger or smaller size. We understand that buying apparel online can be challenging, until you understand how each Zace garment will fit. We will pay for the second shipping cost and you our customer, are responsible for returning the original garment in it’s new condition. If a third attempt is necessary, all shipping costs will be incurred by the customer.   

-Do We Offer Refunds?

Refunds are provided within 7 days of purchase. After 7 days, we will offer exchanges of equal value products or store credit for future use after receipt of goods purchased.  

-Do We Do Custom Orders?

In order for us to achieve our goals of producing two collections a year, we are unable to do custom orders.

-Do We Take Pre-Orders?

In order to be fair to our loyal customers new and established, we do not accept pre-orders prior to the release.